The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Batu Caves with Dad

There are many cool places that I have been with my dad, but we had never been to a limestone cave that doubles as a Hindu temple. Well, check it off the list! When my dad was visiting in KL this past month, the only thing we did that was “touristy” was the visit the famous Batu Caves, just outside the city of KL. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, dedicated to Lord Murugun. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.

We had the BEST cab driver we have had since we have been here, but that will have to be another post. His name is Leo and Leo has so many tid bits of knowledge and opinions about everything from American politics to religion, that he could have written a book! (or at the least, a blog) But again, different post.

People had to told me we had to go and see the caves, but they were dirty, smelly and crowded. Ummm…not really selling me on the caves people!  But we went anyway, and because it was a slightly overcast day, there were not that many people there and it really wasn’t all that dirty. I mean, it was dirty, don’t get me wrong, but not as dirty as I was expecting.  When you first get there, there is a huge golden statue of Lord Murugun, that you can’t miss. I mean, huge. Then there are the 267 stairs that you have to climb up to get to the caves themselves. Oh, did I tell you about the monkeys? Well, while you are climbing up the stairs, there are wild monkeys all around you.  Yup, monkeys. It was like a Disney movie. But smellier and with no talking animals. We even met a guy from Georgia that was visiting Malaysia while we were there. He had on a University of Georgia hat, so I just started talking to him. Overall, it was a pretty cool place to visit and only about 20 minutes away from where we live.

Dan and I with Lord Murugun in the background. No monkeys yet.

Here is dad climbing up all the stairs.
Here is a monkey that doesn’t look too happy that we are at his caves.
Here is a mama and her baby. They were about three feet away from me.
They look so human like, especially their hands and feet.
I swear, this is not photoshopped! The baby must have gotten tired of tourists taking its picture!
This is inside the caves, which was really cool, but tough to photograph.
On the way out, it was getting a little dark, but the lights on the shrine were on and it looked pretty neat.

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