The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Malaysia: Land of 1,000 Holidays

Ok, maybe Malaysia doesn’t have 1,000 holidays, but it’s pretty close! In Malaysia, they have about 15 national holidays that everyone gets the day off from working. It seems like we have a holiday every other week at school, although it never seems like enough days off. (boo, hoo, hoo) Because of the ethnic make up of Malaysia, we get the major Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, and some Christian holidays off! That adds up to a lot of parties, food and dressing up in the end! At our school, since we are an international school, some of the major cultural/religious/ethnic groups get together and throw a party for the rest of the faculty that might not otherwise know what to do to celebrate such a holiday. For example, the Hindu holiday of Deepavali was celebrated this month, so last week I dressed up in my very first saree and headed out. (And when I say that I dressed up, it is not to be taken literally, because it took a team of veteran saree ladies to put mine on properly!) A million thanks to my awesome assistant, Mrs. Lush, that helped me out so much with my first Deepavali celebration!

Here are Kim and I (my next door neighbor at school) posing with the backdrop at school. Sorry for the horrible lighting and glare!  Don’t we look authentic?!!

Here we are in the classroom before the celebration. I still even have my alma mater’s colors on! Red and black are always a good choice no matter what the occasion!

This is more what I would call a casual shot, hanging out with the lamps on the cafeteria floor. Ah-who let the blond girl into this party? Hehehe!

So after we had some yummy curry chicken, roti (my favorite) and some other stuff that I was afraid to try, (but Dan said was good) some people danced, (think Bollywood with lots of white people!) and a good time was had by all.

I think I could get used to celebrating 1,000 holidays a year.

Keep ’em coming!


One response

  1. Dennis Gilbert

    Great pictures!

    November 15, 2010 at 8:31 PM

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