The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Stuffed Henry

If you know me, you know that I LOVE our dog Henry.

Henry is pretty much the perfect dog for us. He is funny, athletic, social and super handsome. He makes weird noises, loved the boathouse, is a Mama’s boy, and is ready to snuggle with you at any point. Plus, he always reminds me of two important life lessons:


1) Never give up. No matter what. This mantra guides Henry’s life and at the end of the day you know he gave it everything he had.


2) Good things can come out of bad situations. Just trust God. He pretty much always knows what he is doing. (Henry came to us at a time that was pretty yucky, but all those bad things that happened made us bring home the best dog ever-see how it worked out?!)


We thought long and hard about whether we could bring Henry to Malaysia with us, but in the end, we decided that we should leave him in the states with a (very) trusted family member. (And, get him back within minutes of our arrival back in the US.) I don’t want to brag, but Henry had several offers of people offering to care for him while we were gone, but in the end, he went to live in sunny Florida with his Auntie Kristen. We know he is living the life, going to the beach all the time and the dog park that my sister has right around the corner. But, while that is all fine and good for Henry, what are we going to do in Malaysia without him?


Enter: “Stuffed Henry.” (sounds better than “fake Henry,” right?)  Stuffed Henry was given to me by my lovely friend Rhonda at the Atlanta Academy last year. She knew my love for Boston Terriers and as my “Advent Angel” last year totally spoiled me with BT stuff! Thank goodness because stuffed Henry is much needed in Malaysia.


Stuffed Henry is not only used for cuddling on those cold Malaysian nights you hear so much about, (ok, I bump up the air con and turn on the ceiling fan), he is constantly moved around our condo to different places, most of which are places that the real Henry would usually lay. Now here, you might be feeling a tiny chuckle in the bottom of your stomach starting to build into a full fledged belly laugh, but it does provide us entertainment as well as a way to still have Henry hanging around with us in Malaysia, so go ahead and laugh it up.


Stuffed Henry sleeping the day away in OUR bed.

Real Henry also likes to sleep in.

Stuffed Henry laying the the clean laundry.

Real Henry laying in the clean laundry.

See how fun this is?!!

Dan and Stuffed Henry sleeping on the couch.

Me and real Henry sleeping in the car.

Sometimes I come home from work and find Henry playing with his ball.

While other times, the real Henry likes to sink his teeth into a soccer ball.

(Slightly more dynamic in real life, right?)

While the stuffed Henry doesn’t give off the same ummm, delicate smell that the real Henry does, we have excepted him as the best we can do right now and I’m sure he will continue to show up all around the condo in KL, until the day when we can see the real one again. And, you better believe we will have some more pictures of that too. 🙂


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