The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

January Going-ons

January, in my mind, isn’t the best month ever. Its timing is just not all that great. Christmas is over, everyone has to go back to work, the weather is cold and horrible, everyone is broke from Christmas, and in short, it’s just kind of a drag. But, this January has been pretty good so far.

Activities thus far have included:

1)  a visit to KL from one of our best pals, Slim

2) going on a beach vacation

3) celebrating Dan’s birthday

4) gearing up for our first Chinese New Year in Asia, which, judging from the decorations at the mall, is a pretty big deal.

Now, Dan and Slim did a lot of hanging out before I came back from the states and I’m not really sure what went on, but they seemed to be pretty pleased with themselves when I got home. (I’ll let Dan post about the adventures with Slim in Asia.) One of my favorite things that Slim and I did together was go to the fish spa. If you have never been to a fish spa, you should totally go. You basically pay to have put your feet into a tank where fish bite the dead skin off of your feet! It doesn’t hurt at all, but is a really ticklish and strange sensation.

Slim trying to be brave and put his feet in with the fish!

But, finally he did it! We had very smooth feet when we left. 🙂

Smooth feet here we come!

Another fun thing we did when Slim was in KL was go to Lake Titiwangsa. Yup, you read that correctly. That is the name and it’s kinda why we went there. And, if you come and visit, we will take you so you can say you have been to Lake Titiwangsa too.

Lake Titiwangsa


Dan and Slim in front of Stadium Titiwangsa

After our adventures in KL, we jumped on a plane and headed up to Langkawi, an island in Malaysia near the coast of Thailand. Our first hotel was pretty bad, so we switched after one night. But since it was “high season” we had a hard time finding one that wasn’t a million dollars and didn’t have stained sheets. (Such big requirements for hotels, right?!) But we finally found one that fit the bill and we settled in quite nicely for the rest of the mini vacation. Here are some of the highlights, but you can check out the rest of the pictures on my facebook:


Slim, Dan and I on the beautiful beach in Langkawi.

Dan and Slim get ready to take on the kayak. They actually paddled to the islands in the background!


These guys were everywhere!

Always be kind and stop for cows in the middle of the road!

The last picture might be my favorite of the trip because you just don’t see a calf nursing in the middle of the road everyday! Plus, the momma cow was a little larger than our car, so we let her take her time getting to the shoulder. 🙂  Stay tuned for the next part of our January adventures……..


One response

  1. Dennis Gilbert

    Since everyone at home is asleep, I will be first to comment! Looks like you enjoyed January, but February will be even better! Come to Singapore.

    January 30, 2011 at 10:02 AM

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