The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Year of the Rabbit? Errrrr….Cat?

Year of the Rabbit?

Year of the Dog? (I wish!)

Year of the….Cat?

Yup! That’s because we got our very own cat, Maggie, this week and are really loving being cat owners so far.

Introducing Maggie!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a dog lover. I love ’em all, but especially little black and white Boston Terriers named Henry. They tug on my heart like nobody can. But, Henry couldn’t make the trip to Malaysia and we aren’t allowed to have dogs in our condo, so we decided the next best thing was going to be either:

a) a beta fish

b) a hermit crab

c) a cat

Now, Dan had me convinced for five years that he was allergic to cats, so he was pushing for the beta fish for sure. But after months of deflecting my constant pleading for a cat, Dan said that he would be willing to try being around a cat. We were going to go to the SPCA the next day, but at work that morning, there was an email from another teacher saying that they had a cat that they needed to find a home for. Fate, perhaps?!!

So we borrowed a car (you can’t put a cat in a taxi!) and headed over that night to see Maggie. We ended up taking her home in a borrowed crate, with a second hand litter box, some extra food in a baggie, all in the borrowed car. A little background on Mags: she was a stray that showed up at a couples’ house about 3 months ago. They had her spayed, shots were given and she was basically adopted, but they already had 3 other cats and it proved to be a tad much, so Mags was the last one in, so the first one to go. They took such good care of her, she is clearly a cat that has been loved. She is a beautiful ginger color, with golden eyes. We were going to change her name, but she already kinda knew Maggie and responded to it, so we figured that was pretty rare in a cat, so we left it. Plus, Maggie McNair has a good ring to it, don’t you think?

Anyway, at first, she was really confused being in a new place, but really quickly has adapted to being an “inside” only cat (we live on the 28th floor, so it would be quite a hike to go outside). She cracks us up by playing with “ghosts” and running around the room like a crazy cat, only to fall suddenly on her back with her paws in the air. We also have glass tables in the condo, which provide hours of entertainment for Maggie trying to reach things on the other side of the glass. It’s pretty funny to watch. She likes to sit next to you while you are watching tv or working on the computer, and is always ready to curl up with you for a nap.  A funny girl that likes to nap…..hmmmm….sounds just about perfect to me!

Awwww...buddies already!

Oh, and she actually sleeps like this. Who’s jealous?!

Using her torso/butt for a pillow. Genius.

Surprisingly, Dan has been fine with the cat hair and it was actually me that declared, “We HAVE to go and buy a vacuum cleaner today!”  The cat hair was killing me!

So we are actually the lucky owners of not only a fabulous feline, but a vacuum cleaner that sucks. Get it? Vacuum cleaners are supposed to suck. Hehehehe…..nevermind. After vacuuming for the first time, I realized it was 205 RM (about $60 USD) well spent. 🙂

Check out this bad boy!

So even though it is the Year of the Rabbit in China, around here we are calling it  the Year of the Cat. (And vacuum cleaner?) We will keep you posted on Maggie’s adventures.

Note: Let’s all please forget that we have lived here for almost 7 months, not owning a vacuum cleaner. Don’t judge.


One response

  1. Dennis Gilbert

    Maggie sounds a lot like Liberty…running around chasing ghosts, the flopping on her back kicking his paws in the air!

    February 21, 2011 at 2:56 PM

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