The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

WINNING in Singapore

I don’t want to brag, but we were totally WINNING in Singapore this weekend.

You have heard me before blog about how much I love Singapore, but this trip brought it to a whole new level!

This weekend my friend Andrea and I were guests at the Universal Studios Singapore Grand Opening! We got all dressed up and headed to “Hollywood” to “Ride the Movies”. (“Ride the Movies” is the slogan for all Universal Studios, but my dad said it translates to “Eat my shorts”, or something like that in Mandarin. Yikes.)

Dad was working at the Grand Opening , but I did find him long enough to get a picture.

 Yes, we both look hot and sweaty, because, well, we live an inch from the equator. Duh.

Once we got inside, there was a board to take your picture, just like the photos of the stars in People magazine. Andrea and I took full advantage of the photo opportunity. WINNING.

After we had our picture taken, we headed back to where the band was playing to get some adult beverages. WINNING.

 I look like I belong at these sort of events, right?

While we were posing in every which way possible, there were some real VIP’s arriving. First there was Jet Li. Then a bunch of Asian super stars that I didn’t know who they were and then, wait for it….Paula Abdul!  Who didn’t love that video of her and the cartoon cat dancing on the roof back in the day? And we have all seen her antics/possible drug use on American Idol! She is pretty big stuff and we sure acted like she was.  As she was walking through the crowd, we might or might not have been humming/screaming at the top of our lungs her famous song “Straight Up”  and/or shouting her name and she came over and SHOOK OUR HANDS!!!! Ummm….yes, that is us WINNING.I honestly haven’t watched American Idol in about 5 seasons, but for some reason, we were so very star struck with her. It was pretty cool. (P.S. She is tiny in person! Very pretty and petite.) After they did some rigmarole up on the stage with all the VIP’s dipping their hands in gold paint, we moved down the streets of New York for food, music and pictures with the Madagascar characters. We worked our way to the front row of the stage and were pretty much carrying the entire crowd. See, the Singapore crowds aren’t really known for being the loudest or most rowdy group of party goers on the planet, and well, Americans pretty much are. So we lived up to our reputation and kept the concert hopping with lots of screaming and yelling through Kimberly Caldwell (American Idol Finalist Season 2), some random bare chested boys dance group, and Paula Abdul’s very short dance number.

Paula on stage at USS

 The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out with my dad at his beautiful condo and at Universal Studios. Oh yeah-my dad was seated next to Paula for the parade the next day! Yes, that would be Dennis WINNING as well. (Although he wasn’t as pumped about her as we were, hmmmm….) So, all in all, our weekend was amazing. Not even a passport snafu or a trip to Malaysian customs hell could put a damper on our winning weekend.

Straight Up Winning.

Check out the rest of our Singapore pictures here: WINNING In Singapore!


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