The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Come One, Come All

We have been so lucky since we have lived in KL to have six people come to Southeast Asia and stay with us!

It is one thing to say you are going to visit, but quite another to take a big vacation from work, get someone to water your plants/get your mail/look after your dog, pay for the plane ticket, pack your things, and endure 30+ hours of travel time. Now, we understand that everyone can’t make the trek over here, but for those of you that have (or will in the next year) we appreciate it beyond words! In a place where everything is unfamiliar, there is nothing like seeing a familiar face walk in your door/get off the plane/jump off the bus and being able to hug them, and enjoy their presence for longer than a skype call.

We wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has made it over and let you know that Hotel McNair (Malaysian edition) is always open for business.  🙂

Our first visitor was Garrett, who was on his way back to China, where he lives with his family. Garrett and Dan have been friends since 7th grade and he is seriously one of the nicest people I know. He is also blond, 6’5″ish and speaks Mandarin, which is a unique combination any way you cut it. We didn’t do any touristy stuff while Garrett was here, but Dan got to hang out and catch up, which I know was awesome for both of them.

Garrett and Dan in Mont Kiara

Our second visitor was a guy named my Dad. (another nice guy) He was interviewing for his job in Singapore at the time, and on the way back home made a stop over in KL. I know for sure that we still didn’t even have sheets to fit the guest bed at this point, so it wasn’t exactly like staying at the Four Seasons. (I mean, it’s not now either, but it’s a little better. Less like a hostel and more like a Holiday Inn.)  Despite not knowing where anything was, we still had a great time visiting with Dad. Since he has been living in Singapore, we have made several trips down to visit him as well, and I know he will be visiting us again in KL soon.

Our third visitor came around Christmas time and was none other than the legend, Slim Jim Price! Slim and I had an amazing time coaching the Georgia Tech Novice Men’s squad for 4 years together and Dan and Slim have been buddies for a while.  We had spent a lot of quality time together in the past, so Dan and I were both looking forward to his visit! Slim came to KL while I was still in the US, so he and Dan a a few days to “make some memories” in Asia without me! I think that they had a great time and followed Slim’s mantra, “Go Big or Go Home!” When I got back to Malaysia, we had a few relaxing days at the beach in Langkawi, an island off the west coast.

Slim, Jenny and Dan on the shore of Langkawi

Our fourth visitor was Dan’s youngest brother, Matt came to visit. Matt was doing some work in India and while he was on this side of the world, decided to extend his time a little and make his way over to see us as well. It was so good to see Matt and he brought a suitcase full of our favorite things too! Dan and Matt did some sightseeing while he was here and Dan even took Matt on a harrowing bike ride through the streets of downtown KL. What a nice brother! Matt could only stay a few days because he had to head back to his wife (who is pregnant with our 2nd nephew! we can’t wait to meet you!) and adorable little girl Hannah (no, seriously, she is the cutest!), but it was so nice to see him and the four boxes of cheez-its he brought.

Matt and Dan at the Twin Towers in KL

Our most recent visitors were my mom and sister, Kristen. They were in Malaysia and Singapore for 3 weeks visiting us and my dad in Singapore. Dan and I both had to work, but tried to show them around Malaysia so that they could experience all of the things we had been talking about for the past year. We did a lot of things like foot massages, fish spa, bargaining in Chinatown for purses and driving around KL getting lost! The last weekend we drove up to Penang, a historical city about 4 hours north of KL. My dad took a flight from Singapore and we a great time with (almost) all of our family together. While we were there, we had the “opportunity” to try one of the world’s worst foods, durian. Seriously, durian has been named on many of the world’s worst food lists: and there are signs up everywhere here saying that you cannot bring durian into the buildings.  I can smell it a block away from the cart when it is “durian season” in KL and the taste of it wasn’t much better. Locals say it is an acquired taste, but I’m not sure I am going to be up for acquiring it. Family bonding for sure.

It's durian time!!

A big thank you to all of our visitors over the past year! Also, the calls, cards, emails and packages that made their way to us were always loved and appreciated. More than once, a complete melt down has been avoided by getting one of these forms of communication from friends and family! (I once got 3 packages in one week and it was pretty much the best week ever. Thanks to mom, Leigh and the person who found my glasses in Thailand.)

So, if you are thinking about making a trip out this way, go ahead and book your ticket!  (Only 356 days until we come home!)

You will always have a place to stay in KL and we promise not to make you eat any durian.


2 responses

  1. Justine

    Recently we thought Nate was going to Indonesia for work, but they sent him to Costa Rica instead. But if he ends up being sent there later, I would definitely like to come along with him and figure out a way to come see you guys. Glad to hear you’re getting visitors!

    July 10, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    • jgmcrew

      Yay! We would absolutely LOVE to have you and Nate come visit us! We will keep the light on for you!

      July 31, 2011 at 2:44 PM

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