The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Weekend Randomness

Five random things from my weekend in Malaysia:

1) My dad came to visit and we went to see a movie, took walks, ate good food and pretty much relaxed all weekend. He went to the grocery store while I was at school on Friday and came back with all kinds of junk food that I pretty much try and keep out of the house, but taste oh-so-good.

2) Maggie had a serious love affair with my dad’s shoes. She WOULDN’T. LEAVE. THEM. ALONE. It was like she wanted to hug them all the time. She looks like the crazy girl that shows up on your doorstep at three in the morning demanding you leave your wife, doesn’t she?

Hello Lover. (said in a deep and sexy cat voice)

3. Dan and I realized while we were talking this weekend that it was 29 degrees in both Georgia and Malaysia. There was the little difference of Celsius and Fahrenheit, but it was 29 just the same.

4. This weekend while watching television, they edited out “Holy Schnike!” but left in a few f-bombs on the Kardashians. Good work censors, good work.

5. Since Dan is back in the US and we sold both our cars when we left for Malaysia, we are now officially car hunting.  After hours of research on the internet and Dan test driving, talking to me , test driving again, we have narrowed it down to the Ford Escape Hybrid, the Honda Civic Hybrid, and the Honda Fit. Does anyone know anything about those cars that is good, bad or otherwise? Anybody have one that they want to sell? Or perhaps another car they want to give us a good deal on? Car shopping is hard work!


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