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My Review of Commute 2.0 Messenger

With all the travel we’ve done over the past couple years, we’ve managed to pick up several handy packing and travel tips (like using space saver bags!). Each trip is sort of a challenge for me to try to find some new element to help us simplify and travel lighter, easier, cheaper, etc. This bag below has been my best friend whether for daily commutes, or as my carry-on luggage for weekend trips. If our trip is 3-4 nights or under, I won’t check a bag and instead will only take this guy with me as my carry-on. People we travel with are often amazed at how little I bring, “where’s your other bag? That’s it?!?” Even for a 3-night triathlon weekend to Phuket, I packed only this bag and a bike box.

This timbuk2 bag, coupled with an Eagle Creek Cube, has been my go-to whether trekking to a new city/country for a few days, packing for a long day of working out with a variety of gear, or just commuting to the office. I’ve cycled to the boathouse, where I rowed and coached crew, followed by a swim at the pool and a bike ride home…with all the appropriate changes of clothes, food, and water at my fingertips. I’ve used this combo for a 1-2 night business trip over a weekend with room for my suit and laptop. Finally, it is also the perfect size for that 3-4 night casual trip as well on an adventure to a new land with my honey. When at home, it is my office on the go as I can easily carry my laptop and files, papers, general stuff…no problem. I can’t say enough about the timbuk2 bag, and when needed…the EC cube as a companion item.

Since I benefited greatly from reviews about both items before purchasing, I had to pay it forward and write one myself. I typically don’t do this as much as I should, but these two deserved it. Here’s the one for the messenger bag…

Originally submitted at Timbuk2

An updated Commute that’s TSA-compliant.

I Use it Everyday

By World Traveler from All over SE Asia and USA on 5/2/2012
5out of 5

Pros: High Quality, Good Strap Length, Easy Access, Great Color, Good Organization, Attractive

Best Uses: Computer, Commuting, Traveling, Office

Describe Yourself: Modern, Career, Practical

Was this a gift?: No

I almost settled for a cheaper messenger/laptop bag because of the price of timbuk2. I’m so glad I took that cheaper bag back because I use my timbuk2 everyday and love it. It’s great for basically giving me my office on the go with plenty of storage for laptop, files, etc. I do wish there was a separate compartment for computer cords, but it’s a minor minor thing. I also have used this bag for overnight or even up to 3-4night trips by using a space saver bag and/or another zip-up organizer that slips inside my commuter 2.0. I don’t normally take the time to come back and give reviews, but I’ve been meaning to do this one for a long time because I’ve had this bag 15mths, literally use daily and it looks new. Can’t wait to have the need for another one. I will say, however, the whole TSA selling point thing is disappointingly inaccurate. Or at least TSA peeps didn’t get the memo. 90% of the time I still have to take the laptop out. Bummer, but overall not a biggie. I just wouldn’t put it in the features anymore…or launch some sort of a TSA training effort to spread the word. All in all, highly recommend this bag. It’s awesome. Period. Keep it up guys, and thank you!



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