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Get the Door. It’s (Malaysian) Dominos.

There are times that I actually forget for a moment that I am in Malaysia. It is referred to by many as “Asia Lite,” and after visiting other Asian countries, I can assure you the nickname fits. Where we live, just outside of KL, there are numerous familiar fast food chains that are found everywhere in “The States”, like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, and even Domino’s Pizza. While the look is similar to home, there’s a disappointing gap in another area between expectations and reality.  After ordering only a time or two you realize you’re not in Kansas anymore because what your brain remembers the food should taste like and it doesn’t usually match the actual experience, but a girl can try, right?

Last Friday, after school drinks were done (don’t judge, it’s 5:00 somewhere!), my friend Andrea and I were looking forward to a night of pizza and bashing contestants on a week old episode of American Idol. Sounds tame enough, but things were about to get a little crazy when we went to order from Domino’s Pizza.

They still claim to deliver your pizza in less than 30 minutes, just like at home, but you might be a bit surprised at the toppings. Let’s have a look at our choices, shall we?

Domino's Malaysia

I would like to say that I love, lovelove the fact that there are not one, not two, but three succulent pizzas that somehow all involve seafood that are available – the Prawn Passion, the Prawn Sensation and the Seafood Delight. All three look like winners to me. Not to be outdone by other fish in the sea, we found that there are also an equal number of pizzas with tuna gracing the top, with snazzy names like Tuna Extreme, Tuna Temptation, and Flaming Tuna. My husband says “flaming” tuna means it’s good twice. I say that’s disgusting.

Of course, if you weren’t feeling like seafood with your pizza, going with a more traditional chicken topping is always available with pies such as Classic Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Perfection, and (my personal chicken favorite) Classified Chicken. I get a picture of old chickens who used to be in the CIA or FBI that are used in this pizza. I don’t know why, but I can see them walking around in suits in a barnyard somewhere. Weird. And gross. At the same time.

I would like to point out that there is a pizza named after a dinosaur; the legend…wait for it…ary, Meatasaurus. (Did anyone get the How I Met Your Mother Reference?… Anyone?… Crickets.) Although I could totally see this pizza being a huge hit in the US, it just didn’t sit that well with me. But don’t worry, Domino’s didn’t forget our animal loving, vegetarian friends, with the Vegie (sic) Fiesta and the Vegie (sic) Galore. No really, that’s the way it’s spelled.

Phew! After exploring all of our different pizza options, Andrea and I were, and this is putting it mildly, riddled with indecision. Understandably, right?

Flaming? Temptation? Flaming? Temptation? We kept going back and forth. 

Finally, we decided to do the “make your own” as we just could not agree on which tuna pizza to order. Traditional mushrooms and green peppers was all that it took for us to get excited about pizza toppings that Friday night.

I would like to note, if someone offered me Chick-Fil-A nuggets as a pizza topping, don’t think I wouldn’t jump all over that! That must be the way Malaysians feel about prawns and tuna on their pizzas. All joking aside, I do like it that a country can take something that is unique to another country, add their own flavor to it and end up with something that works for them.

To each his own (pizza toppings), I say.

P.S. Which specialty pizza from Malaysian Domino’s would you pick? Come on, you know you were picking one out the whole time you were reading. Just spill it!

P.P.S. True to their word, within 30 minutes, we had our yummy pizza from Domino’s at the condo, and although it didn’t taste quite like home, it was still pretty good.

P.P.S.S. I taught myself (i.e. Googled) how to do a screen shot. I know it is 2012 and every blogger over the age of three can already do this. You can pretend to be impressed now.