The Always Evolving and Partially Unwritten Five-Year Plan

Our Flight

We had an interesting flight from Atlanta to Kuala Lumpur when we moved our life temporarily to Malaysia. Trying to blog about it in one post became impossible if we were to do it justice.  There was the challenge of packing which lead to excess baggage fees, the 30-hour three-leg flight, the broken in-flight entertainment screen, the crying babies, the missed connection and the delayed bags.  It was quite an adventure and to help tell the story all the related posts are below, and best if read in order:

“How Do You Pack for Two Years in Three Bags?”

Our Luggage, Ready to Depart Atlanta for Kuala Lumpur

“The Flight to Malaysia (Part I)”

Singapore Air Biz Class as Seen from Economy

“The (Missed) Flight to Malaysia (Part II)”

Singapore Airport – Missing our Flight

“The Flight to Malaysia (Part III – Lost & Found)”

Our Luggage Arrives!

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